Benefits of Braces Beyond Straight Teeth

Dental braces in Rockport

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February 25, 2021

Orthodontic braces fix issues with alignment of jaw and teeth spacing which results in enhanced appearance. This makes dental braces a valuable investment as the time, money, and effort involved will result in a lifetime of improved appearance, better oral health, and a winning smile. Straight teeth and a pretty smile is great, but dental braces also offer a slew of medical benefits that might surprise you.

Medical Benefits of Dental Braces

Improved confidence and self-esteem that come from a flawlessly beautiful smile and enhanced appearance are two great reasons to consider dental braces, but the benefits of braces go beyond just aesthetics. Dentists in Rockport, TX say that braces ensure tooth alignment and a perfect bite which results in many positive side-effects. Let’s get down to some long-term health benefits of dental braces which ensure a healthier, happier smile for years to come.

Reduced risk of cavities and gum disease

Teeth crowding is a serious dental problem that could lead to oral health concerns like cavities and further gum disease. Overlapping and crowding make your teeth vulnerable to bacteria and plaque which could result in cavities. The increased risk of tooth decay can also have a negative effect on gums. Misaligned placement of teeth can stress the gums, making them more susceptible to gum disease.

Correcting teeth crowding and misalignment through dental braces could help minimize the risk for tooth decay and gum problems.

Happy and Healthy Smile

The tiny teeny crevices created by crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth can hide debris which leads to decay and tooth discoloration. Properly aligned and straight teeth are easy to clean and maintain which can yield a happy and healthy smile.

Improved chewing ability

Severe teeth alignment issues can make biting and chewing difficult, leading to an improper and inefficient breakdown of food. Correcting teeth with braces can improve your chewing ability which could also ensure optimal food digestion.

Alleviation of speech impediment

People with misaligned teeth may experience speech problems like a lisp. Speech impairments, although not a health issue, could be socially problematic. Dental braces correct the misalignment and hence helps alleviate speech issues.

Prevent jawbone erosion

Just as misaligned teeth affect teeth and gums, it also affects jawbone that holds your teeth in place. Teeth roots are embedded in the jawbone. If the bacteria penetrate the tooth or gums and make their way to the bone, it can start to wear down. Since misalignment puts extra pressure on teeth and gums, it can create spaces from where the bacteria percolates, reaching the jawbone.

Also, a healthy jawbone requires proper stimulation that reaches through proper chewing pressure to maintain proper density and form. Bone loss can occur without this stimulation. Tooth misalignment can inhibit pressure stimulation at times when chewing teeth are not contacting properly. Lack of healthy contact for a longer time could also result in bone erosion.

Braces could help prevent erosion by ensuring every part of the jawbone is exercised properly and that there are no spaces in the mouth that could hide/percolate bacteria and plaque.

Braces can establish a strong oral foundation that could result in a lifetime of improved dental health while helping you look your best. Touch base with us if you are looking for an exceptional dental clinic for cosmetic or general dentistry in Rockport, TX.