Intra Oral Camera

Preventive Dental Care in Rockport- TX 76426

At Allwyn Dental, we encourage our clients to understand the importance of preventing dental care. Our dentists in Rockport, TX are committed to utilize improved ways to enhance your smile. X-rays are a great way to get a good view of your oral health; however, intra-oral cameras help see the minutest aspect of your teeth with astonishing details. From plaque deposits to cracked teeth, abnormal wear and cavities next to fillings are some of the ways to make the treatment effective, quicker, safe and less invasive.

Comprehensive Dental Care for your Dental Health

Intra-oral camera used by us is significantly small. It is almost the size of the mirror you see dentists using during routine check-ups. You can see everything on the monitor and understand what exactly is wrong with your dental hygiene or health. We make optimum use of this camera to evaluate your dental well-being. When you get a crystal clear view of your dental health, you can make a well-informed decision.

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Intra Oral Camera

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