Can Dental Braces be fitted with Dental Crowns?

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October 26, 2020

Every patient has the same question to ask, whether it is good to have braces if you have dental crowns or not. It is a myth that you cannot have braces if you already have dental crowns or fillings. However, a dentist in Rockport TX suggests that, even if you have crowns or veneers, it is entirely possible to fix the braces in your teeth.

There are generally three possible options for orthodontic treatments.

  • Braces that can be removable
  • Fixed braces in the front of your teeth
  • Fixed braces at the back of your teeth

What is the best type of orthodontic treatment for dental crowns?

As mentioned above, there are removable dental braces such as Invisalign that can be placed on a crown. Ideally, fixed dental braces on a crown should be avoided until necessary. However, Invisalign is not as precise as a fixed brace, therefore, the dentist in Rockport recommends a fixed dental brace. Orthodontic treatment helps the crown from getting damaged.

Will a patient need filling or a new crown after the braces have been fitted?

Consult an expert for your dental braces, at Rockport TX who can check if you need a filling or not. If the restoration is sound and healthy, then these changes are not required nor, any replacement is needed. If patients feel that before getting the orthodontic treatment, they want to replace the crown, then, particularly a dentist would check and replace or change if needed. Only if the dental crowns are not healthy, they need to be changed to avoid any damage while fitting the braces.

Whitening of the teeth is done after the treatment is completed. It is advisable to visit the dentist frequently for checkups so that the natural teeth do not get affected. Generally, the natural teeth are whitened first and then the crown. Diagnostic wax-ups are essential when you replace or change the existing crowns and veneers so that you could achieve a natural and beautiful smile.

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