Serious Signs That Indicates You May Need Braces

Dental Braces in Rockport

Allwyn Dental

December 21, 2020

Everyone desires to be able to smile freely and confidently without any hesitation. Simple dental issues could result in hesitation and declined self-esteem in individuals which keeps them from effective communication and socializing. Some symptoms like crowded or misaligned teeth are obvious signs of orthodontic problems while some signs are inconspicuous too. Orthodontic braces help correct underlying orthodontic issues and alleviate pain and suffering. Staying on top of your oral health is important and hence we have put together some signs that will help you decide whether you need braces or not.

 Why don’t we dive right in and find out what are those warning bells advised by orthodontists in Rockport that indicates that you may need braces?

 Difficulty in biting

When you eat your meals, you may find it difficult or painful to bite. Especially, when you are eating hard-to-chew food items like candy or apple, you may face problems when you bite. You may also notice that at times you are biting the side of your tongue or teeth while eating. This happens usually due to misaligned teeth which results in disordered eating.

 Inconsistent gaps between teeth

When you have excessive gaps in between your teeth, it is a straightforward sign that you need orthodontic braces. Having too much space in between your teeth puts you at the risk of jaw misalignment, tooth decay, and eating difficulties and disorders. Food may often get trapped in the gaps causing irritation in gums and further pain. Braces can fix these gaps and prevent dental woes that occur with the presence of excessive teeth gaps.

 Crowded or misaligned teeth

When you have crowded or crooked teeth also referred to as malocclusion, you will definitely need braces to align your teeth and fix your bite. Flossing regularly helps you understand if braces are on the horizon for you or not. While flossing, if you are having a hard time flossing in between certain teeth, you are likely to have crowded teeth that need to be aligned properly. If ignored, malocclusion can lead to impacted teeth which you may probably have to pull later or it might lead you to a surgery.

 Protruding teeth

Protruding teeth that go beyond your lips is a clear indication that you need orthodontic braces to put it back in proper alignment. Protruding teeth could affect the aesthetic of your smile which often is tough on the self-esteem of a person. It also puts you at the risk of dental injury as the protruding teeth can be easily knocked off during any accidental slip or fall.

 Jaw Pain or Jaw Clicking

If you are experiencing pain in the jaw bone or jaw clicking, it might be probably due to misaligned teeth. Even though your pain is occasional, it is important to bring it up to your dentist. Before jaw pain leads to any serious dental condition, you need to get it addressed by a dentist near you. Jaw pain can significantly be reduced by straightening your teeth and fixing your bite. Seek proper advice from a professional and ensure that your dental health stays in good shape.

If studying the above signs have triggered you, you shall pay a visit to your dentist and get your dental issues inspected by a professional. Make sure you talk to your dentist regarding all the problems you are facing and together you could reach a decision on whether or not you need braces. An investment for your smile and for sound dental health is always worth it.