Signs Your Tooth Are Falling Out, Causes of Tooth Loss, and How to Fix a Loose Tooth

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November 2, 2022

Several reasons can cause a loose tooth. Sometimes, a loose tooth caused by a specific incident may not be preventable. However, that is not always the case. For instance, if you fall flat on your face and experience a loose tooth, you may not be able to do something to prevent it. But you can reduce the chances of a loose tooth by taking more care of your dental hygiene.

For example, wearing mouthguards when playing a sport can reduce the risk of a loose tooth. You can even practice good oral hygiene and prevent tooth loss and several gum diseases—habits like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth every day. Let us look at a few signs your tooth may be falling out.

Signs Your Tooth Are Falling Out

The signs your tooth may fall out are not always so subtle. Some apparent signs tell you your teeth are falling out or you may have a loose tooth.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are, more often than not, a surefire sign your teeth may be falling out. Seeing your gums bleeding every day when brushing your teeth may be a sign of developing Periodontitis. It can cause tooth loss as it is an infection of the gums.

Sharp pain in teeth

If you experience sharp pain or sensitivity in your teeth when you eat or drink something, chances are high that you may have a fall or lose teeth. If you notice this, ensure to make an appointment with your dentist and get it checked.

Bad breath

If you notice that you cannot get rid of bad breath, you may be experiencing gum disease. Bad breath tells you that something may be wrong, and you may experience tooth loss. So, get yourself checked if you find this happening.

Shifting or loose teeth

This one’s an obvious one. If you realize your teeth are shifting positions or notice gaps, you may lose teeth. It is wise to consider visiting a dentist to get to the crux of what’s lying underneath. 

Causes of Tooth Loss 

While tooth loss causes may differ, some common causes may lead to tooth loss. Once you are aware of the causes, you can take a step toward mitigating them. So, let’s have a look at some causes of losing a tooth.

Causes of Tooth Loss

  • Gum disease, like periodontal disease, can cause tooth loss which may account for 70 percent of missing teeth
  • Cavities in teeth
  • Physical injury
  • Other reasons like diseases and risk factors

The above-mentioned are some of the few reasons for tooth loss, however, as stated, there could be several others. The right decision to make if you notice any or all of the above is to reach out to your dentist. Lost a tooth is often a consequence of a disease or an injury that remains untreated for a long time. So, it is best to not wait it out and get the required help which may prevent further tooth damage or even tooth loss.

Loose Tooth Treatment 

It can be alarming to realize that you or your loved one may lose teeth. It could indefinitely take you by shock and may send chills down your spine. Fret not! Some treatment options will help you with loose teeth.

Loose Tooth Treatment

  • Consider scaling and root planning to help you reverse gum disease.
  • Surgery may help remove inflamed gum tissue
  • Bone grafts can help you rebuild bones lost to a gum disease
  • Soft tissue grafts, also known as gum grafts, can help in preventing further tooth and gum loss
  • Dental appliances like bite splints

Any of these treatments will help you with a loose tooth. However, it is always best to contact your nearby dentist to know more about your condition. After all, it is not wise to self-diagnose and live in assumptions.

Now that we know about the causes and treatment options, let us take a look at how to fix a loose tooth.

How to fix a loose tooth?

Yes, medical treatments are the best option to fix a loose tooth. However, there are certain home remedies that you can try as well.

How to Fix a Loose Tooth

Eat nutritious diet

Consume a calcium-rich diet that will help you better your overall health, including your teeth.

Do salt water gargles

Saltwater acts like a disinfectant. It will help you remove the hidden bacteria from the mouth and also help strengthen a loose tooth. 

Hydrogen peroxide

Similar to salt water gargles, it also helps remove bacteria surrounding the loosened teeth and prevents cavities or plaque from spreading.

Use turmeric and black pepper

This mixture is also effective in treating a loose tooth. Add an equal amount of both ingredients and massage it on the affected area. This will help with a loose tooth or even prevent one from occurring.

How Allwyn Dental Can Help with Tooth Falling Out? 

So, if you have been experiencing your tooth falling out recently and need help, contact Allwyn Dental. We have several general dentistry services for any tooth-related issue. Plus, our team of expert dentists will guide you in choosing the right treatment depending on your case and budget.